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John Maine Non-Tender Countdown Thread

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The Mets have until midnight tonight to tender John Maine a contract for 2011, and given the rules about arbitration-eligible players and their contracts it seems a certainty that Maine's career with the Mets is over. Maine was acquired from the Orioles along with Jorge Julio in January 2006 in exchange for Anna Benson. Kris Benson was also sent to the Orioles.

As this night will likely signify the sinking of the Maine era in Queens, use this thread to discuss your favorite Maine memories. Whatever your list, I suspect it begins with this masterpiece against the Marlins on the final weekend of the 2007 season. Maine allowed just one infield hit -- a squib to third by backup catcher Paul Hoover -- and struck out 14 in 7.2 innings.

There's also his less-impressive-but-still-crucial win in Game 6 of the 2006 NLCS against the Cardinals.

What else have you got?