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The 2011 Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest Finalists

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After much debate and deliberation among the staff here, we're happy to present the finalists for the Amazin' Avenue Offseason Plan Contest. We managed to whittle the list of 34 entries down to the best five, and now it's up to you to vote for your favorite and ultimately select the winner and prize-winning runner-ups (yay, democracy!). There were a lot of really great entries, especially considering how little payroll room you guys had to work with. Last year the Mets had a little more flexibility so you could reasonably entertain imaginary offers to top-flight free agents. No such luck this year, and sadly the real Mets are in the same boat.

The poll is after the jump and will remain open until 5pm EST on Thursday, 12/23.


The grand prize winner will receive the Mets 1986 Collector's Edition DVD Set, which is nine discs of Mets awesomeness. You get Game 6 of the NLCS -- a 16-inning showdown with the Astros -- in its entirety, plus all seven World Series games from start to finish. There's also a disc of bonus footage, interviews, lost footage of Keith Hernandez doing blow off the training room table*, Kevin Mitchell's how-to guide for proper feline decapitation**, and much more.

The second place winner will receive MLB Vintage World Series Films - New York Mets 1969 & 1986 featuring highlights from the Mets two World Series titles.

The third place winner will receive a copy of the Baseball Field Guide, an in-depth illustrated guide to the complete rules of baseball


  1. Because 2011 Is A Dry Run For 2012 by DanDotLewis.

    The organizational expectations are low and the fan base is on board with that. We’ll also have a lot of financial flexibility next off-season, at least relative to this one, with Carlos Beltran, Oliver Perez, and Luis Castillo all with expiring contracts. Therefore, we should use the season as a dry run for 2012, identifying assets and liabilities in a way typically unavailable in New York.
  2. 2012 Is Too Long To Wait by mnbv.

    I really really hate to trade Reyes, but he has the kind of expiring contract that makes sense to move if the Mets are unable to contend this year. With Hardy coming back, the Mets can maintain production at SS and not have to bring up Tejada. Hardy may struggle to be average offensively (which is still very good for a SS!), but has been great with the glove for his career.
  3. Just $143 Million, Fred - PLEEEEEEASE? by MattT516.

    Although the Mets cannot and will not break the bank in 2011, this does not mean a bunch of holes cannot be filled with approximately $13-15 million. An allocation of this sum to plug multiple holes would keep this team in contention for most of next year, instead of giving it all to one player ala Jason Bay. This AAOP hopes to balance the roster instead of leaving it top heavy as the previous administration has done in recent years. This, while keeping 2012 flexible salary-wise.
  4. How I Think Small Market Sandy Should Approach This Offseason by Schmidtxc.

    Regardless of any moves we make, the success of the 2011 Mets is going to come down to the performances of Johan, Bay, Wright, and Reyes. If these guys are relatively healthy and good, we're going to be a very solid team. If they struggle or are hurt, we likely won't be much above .500. I feel like the roster I've assembled give us a very solid chance to compete if these things go right, and if the player listed above struggle we are in a better position for 2012 than we were prior to the offseason beginning. All in all, it is certainly attempting to make the best of a bad situation.
  5. I Have An AAOP, And My AAOP, I Like My AAOP by Brooklyn Dodgers Mets Fan.

    included Castillo on the team in my AAOP. When I got down to analyzing the numbers, however, I changed my mind. As you'll see below, I elected to sign Orlando Hudson, supposing that he'd accept a $3 million dollar contract. Combining the two deals, that's $9 million dollars that the Mets allocate at second base. Given that 1 WAR seems to correlate to around $3-$4 million dollars, if Hudson was have to be worth 2 WAR, a fairly realistic projection, the Mets would just about break even. If he exceeded that amount, the Mets would actually be getting surplus value, in regards to the $9 million dollars being allocated to second base.