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Everything's Coming Up Philly Applesauce - Mets not likely to avenge Giants, Stokes to TOR, Greinke nixed DC

Lots of wins and even a vice presidential fan.
Lots of wins and even a vice presidential fan.

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It has been a rough week for us Philly-haters. A tremendous sports week has left the city's fan base in high spirits and with large egos. Too much of this success has come at the expense of New York. I just hope that we don't have to deal with a situation like Boston/Foxborough's unending string of awesomeness. But, to resurrect a long dormant feature of Applesauce, here's your humbling Philadelphia fact for the day: Philly is second only to St. Louis as the nation's least healthy city for men.

Some former Met signings to pass along. Brian Socks to Toronto. Mike Jacobs to Colorado. Joaquin Arias was DFA'd by Kansas City

Patrick Flood wraps up his Met trade pieces feature, ranking David Wright the team's #1 trade commodity.

The Hardball Times continues its feature on how they would have run the expansion Mets, this post covers 1962-63.

Mack does some prognosticating for this year's amateur draft.

Section 518 is actually pretty optimistic about Fernando Martinez's arthritis diagnosis.

Evan Roberts sat down with Real Dirty Mets Blog and stood up for Carlos Beltran.

Zack Greinke may  not have wanted to play in Washington, but Rick Ankiel does. Anyway, who needs him with a second Strasmas on the horizon.

Every Met fans' favorite player, Billy Buckner, has been signed by the Rockies.

Speaking of good baseball names, Pete Rose, Jr. will be the manager of the White Sox rookie league team in Bristol, Virginia.

Ricky Nolasco may have reached an agreement with the Marlins after all.

And, finally, TV writer Michael Schur of "The Office" and "Parks and Rec" recalls his time writing for FJM and his reactions to Joe Morgan's actual firing.