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Baby Steps Applesauce - Mets take measured approach to 2011, Letterman zings team, nuns get paid

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Sandy Alderson has made few changes to the Met roster so far, and there are few anticipated before the new year. But I think that everyone agrees that this measured inaction is the biggest component of Alderson's repair strategy. Don't trade key pieces for Zack Greinke. Make sure that Francisco Rodriguez's option does not vest. Keep guys in the minor leagues to get proper playing time. And maybe, just maybe, this team can overachieve and surprise us all.

All that being said, here's David Letterman including the Mets in the Top Ten List.

Beerleaguer thinks that the Phillies have the luxury of playing young, untested guys in some of the less important background roles.

The Yankees have signed a 19 year old pitcher from the Hank Steinbrenner-sponsored youth baseball team.

In charity news, the buyer of a rare Honus Wagner card reneged on his bid to buy the card from an order of nuns. Good news, though, a new buyer was promptly found who actually paid. Oh, and while we're at it during this season of giving, here's Tim Dahlberg deflating the Cliff Lee praise for him leaving $30 million on the table

Dan Shaghnessy wants Jack Morris in the Hall of Fame. He was there, he should know.

And, finally, Beyond the Box Score puts the past decade in nice neat graph form.