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Mets Santa Clauses Through The Years

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Happy Holidays... what terrorists say. Merry Christmas from Amazin' Avenue. To celebrate, here is a look back at Mets Santa Clauses through the years.

John Franco played Santa Claus at the Mets annual holiday party for several years in the early aughts before passing the torch to Mike Cameron in 2004. Willie Randolph as Santa's elf. ( coverage).

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Kris Benson donned the fat suit and beard in 2005. Anna Benson was also there. Not pictured: elf Paul Lo Duca. ( coverage).

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David Wright brought along the oldest elf in the North Pole, Julio Franco, in 2006. ( coverage).

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John Maine sat in as jolly Saint Nick with clumsy do-nothing elf Oliver Perez in 2007. ( coverage).

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In 2008, Mike Pelfrey played the tallest, skinniest Santa to date, with Francisco Rodriguez and John Maine as elves. ( coverage).

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In 2009, Jeff Francoeur had to bring along four elves -- Angel Pagan, Jose Reyes, Jon Niese, and Bobby Parnell -- in order to accommodate the Christmas wishes of all of the beat writers. ( coverage)

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Wright was back in the fat suit in 2010, flanked by $30+ million worth of elves: Jason Bay, Ike Davis, and Carlos Beltran. (Daily News coverage)

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