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Mets New Year's Resolutions

At, Howard Megdal suggests some new year's resolutions for the Mets. Among them:

R.A. Dickey: Phil Niekro's longevity. Niekro had 12 200 innings after the age Dickey is now, 36. With a full season in 2011 like his late-starting 2010, he'll put up his first. And it would be such a pleasure to see him in a Mets uniform for the next decade-plus. More reasonable would probably be to hope for Tim Wakefield's longevity, but nothing about Dickey is particularly normal.

My resolutions for the team are simply stated if not so easily followed, and I don't need the occasion of a new year to enumerate them.

  1. Don't do things that are stupid.
  2. Do things that aren't stupid.

Do you have any resolutions to pass along to the Mets front office?