You Think the Mets CANT contend next season?

Ok, the so the rotation is built out of toilet paper and chew spit, but its not the worst. If Pelf pitches the same exact season in 2011 as he did in 2012, he will undoubtedly have more offense behind him, and probably have a few more wins. Lets assume R.A. Dickey is the jesus-like figure we all imagine him to be. Lets say Chris Young (or comparable) has an Ok season. Lets say Johan has a slightly below average performance in the second half. Then the rest of the games are a mix of Gee, Misch, maybe Mejia.. whoever really.

So, right, we all know that rotation pretty much sucks 1-5, whatever. You don't have to imagine the rotation doing anything other than whats expected (Hey, for what its worth, Oliver Perez will NOT get a single start this season). But the potential offense. My god, the offense. We all know the past few years some of the Mets players have been a bust, but doesn't anyone else feel like this is no longer the past few years?

Does anyone else feel like the Mets organization was a girls sleep over, the old staff were some guys that snuck in through the bedroom window and the new staff (doesn't matter if it was Alderson or Bynes- Valentine or Collins)- I repeat - new staff, is the parent that walks in and scares everyone out with a shotgun?

You know what will make it difficult for Jose Reyes to draw a Carl Crawford- like contract on the open market? Not playing. Because the adults just came in, and they are gonna bench your ass when you slump for too long. Its like David Wrights dad just walked into the room and told him he knew that he has been sneaking cigarettes- and then cracked the belt a few times as a warning.

I think that Jason Bay is a more seasoned player than a lot of Mets, save Beltran. He was like a young manager being hired to run a busy restaurant with no experience. "What? You expect what out of me? Does anyone have a plan? Should I swing for power or adjust for doubles?" - (probably) Jason Bay.

Listen to me. Listen to me very carefully. CARLOS BELTRAN IS PLAYING RIGHT FIELD FOR US. CARLOS BELTRAN. RIGHT FIELD. That means someone MORE athletic than CARLOS BELTRAN is playing Center. Should I repeat this or have we figured it out yet? Yes, Carlos Beltran, one of the best ball players in modern history, .282/.359/.494/OPS+118!!!! Jeff Frankswhore is not playing right field. Super Star Carlos Beltran is.

Lets review: Outfield:
LF- Jason Bay, CF- Angel Pagan (Career: .285/.335/.435, last season: 37 steals), RF- Carlos Beltran.

3B- David Wright, SS- Jose Reyes, 2B- anyone other than Luis Castillo- YOUNG PLAYER-,1B Ike Davis- (.264/.351/.440, 19HR, 71 RBI, GOLD GLOVE DEFENSE), C- Josh Thole/Paulino.

1. Jose Reyes
2. Angel Pagan
3.Carlos Beltran
4.Ike Davis
5. Jason Bay
6. David Wright (YES, bat him 6th! S-I-X-T-H)
7. Josh Thole (I think he will floruish into an OBP master)
8. Murphy/Brad Emu
9. Sacrifice bunt

Right, I'm optimistic as hell, but you're not a Mets fan if you think this won't be a fun and explosive lineup.

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