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Hu's on Short Applesauce - Mets acquire backup from Dodgers, Hall of Fame talk, Tampa's sad story

Around MLB

Big trade news for the Mets. Well, it's big compared to what we've become accustomed to this offseason. Sandy moved Mike Antonini to the Dodgers for 27 year old AAA shortstop/second baseman Chin-Iung Hu. Hu hit .317 at AAA last season. Matt Himmelfarb sees Hu as a potential backup middle infielder for the team, one that comes $1.5 million cheaper than Alex Cora. Metsradamus is really disappointed that he has misplaced the photos he had of Hu, but wants us to know that he's a small dude.

Howard Megdal suggests some New Year's resolutions for some of the key 2011 Mets.

Matt Pignataro expects David Wright's strikeouts to decline to somewhere around 110 this season, so long as the lineup remains healthy around him.

Hardball Times presents its plan for the 1964-65 Mets, part three of its series.

Just in case you wanted to be depressed, here is the Met-Phillie rivalry in graph form.

It's Hall of Fame season again and there are plenty of interesting players on the ballot this year. Mark Simon at ESPN explains why Olerud would get his vote and throws Keith in there for the hell of it. Joe Posnanski starts off HOF week at his blog, explaining his general philosophy on the Hall.

And, finally, Paul Francis Sullivan explains Tampa's sad baseball history.