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Almost New Year's Applesauce - Guillen family vs. Jenks, Mets look at Fuentes, Reyes & Pagan bunting

Around MLB

By far the best story of the day comes out of Chicago, where it's not just manager Ozzie Guillen who has a big mouth; apparently it's genetic and electronic as well. I'm not shedding too many tears for Bobby Jenks though. 

One potential person being considered to replace Pedro Feliciano is K-Rod replacer Brian Fuentes, but it looks like he will command a salary at least the equal of Petey.

Joe Janish evaluates the in-house candidates to fill the fourth and fifth outfielder roles. Not a bad option among them, in my opinion.

Greg Prince asks you to what august body would you elect John Olerud? I'd settle for the Hall of Fame, but the papacy would work too.

Cardboard Gods posts about Dwight Gooden's 1988 Topps Card.

Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan were some of the premier bunters in MLB last year. Luis Castillo, not so much.

Patrick Flood takes on the various Hall of Fame philosophies.

Yankee president Randy Levine tells Andy Pettitte that the Yankees need him. George Steinbrenner needed calzones.

Dotel to Toronto.

And, finally, here's a list of all of Scott Boras's clients, in case you were curious.