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AAA: What Would You Like To See?

As we forge ahead with a seemingly insurmountable heap of work to finish in order for the Amazin' Avenue Annual to be done in time for Spring Training, the biggest, most wide-ranging decision we have to make is: What should we put in the book? We have a lot of bright people involved in the book-making process and we spend a lot of time floating ideas around, debating their relative merits, and ultimately approving, canning, or tabling those ideas. There's always a risk that the creative process can become a mini Mets-book echo chamber where we lose sight of what folks really want to see in a book like this.

Since crowd-sourcing is the latest rage we wanted to solicit some real ideas about what sort of topics you'd like to see covered in the 2011 AAA. I would imagine we're already on top of a lot of what you guys might suggest, but I bet we've also overlooked some great ideas, some obvious and some less so.

What that in mind, consider this an open thread for article ideas and areas of coverage that you--or any Mets fan--might reasonably want to see included in a book like this.


If you're looking for a way to help us out but aren't really the creative type, one super easy thing you can do that would benefit you as well is to sign up for a Dropbox account using our referral link. You can read more about Dropbox here, but the short version is that it's a great (and free up to 2 GB) way to synchronize your files across multiple computers and devices. We use Dropbox a lot to share AAA files and if you sign up via our link and install Dropbox we get extra free storage to use. Everybody wins!