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Non Tendered Casualties Applesauce - Maine, Carter, Green leave Mets, K-Rod avoids jail,Tak an Angel

Meet the Mets

The contract tender deadline came and went last night and claimed several Met players as victims. To no one's surprise, John Maine will not be a Met next year. Slightly more surprising, however, is the news that Chris Carter and Sean Green are joining him. Metstradamus points out how damning this is for Minaya's handling of the Billy Wagner situation.

With the latest round of salary trimming, the Mets have managed to save over $11 million in payroll from last year. Mack, however, thinks that the new front office's lack of results is an inauspicious sign. I would suggest Mack read this Ken Davidoff post before getting too worked up over the absence of any major signings.

Francisco Rodriguez is planning to enter a plea deal that will keep him out of jail. Maybe this will make him tradeable to someone like the White Sox.

Hisanori Takahashi is going to Anaheim for two years.

Justin Turner is enjoying his time in winter ball so far. If you can't get enough Justin Turner news here, be sure to check out his blog.

Around MLB

Some interesting moves to pass along. Adam Dunn signs on with the White Sox for four years/$56 million.

Atlanta has cut Matt Diaz but is bringing back Eric Hinske.

The Dodgers non-tendered Russell Martin and are probably replacing him with Rod Barajas.

Mariano Rivera is going to sign a two year/$30 million deal with the Yankees.

Oakland has jumped to the front of the pack of teams chasing third baseman Adrian Beltre.

Darryl Strawberry thinks that the Yankees are going against George Steinbrenner's wishes in how they're treating Derek Jeter. I wonder how long that George's ghost will haunt every personnel decision.

Beyond the Box Score has two neat posts worth your time. First is part two of their interview with ESPN's Mark Simon in which he talks about the changing attitude towards advanced statistics at ESPN. Second is a look at this offseason's arbitration process, pointing out that Tampa is likely to gain nine draft picks.

And, finally, Crashburn Alley has some fun with David Caruso.