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Minor League Adjustment Applesauce - Backman to Binghamton, Teufel to Buffalo, Bagwell's HOF case

Around MLB

The Mets have announced some of their 2011 minor league managers with Tim Teufel replacing new bench coach Ken Oberkfell at Buffalo and Wally Backman getting a huge promotion to Binghamton. There is no word yet on who the new Brooklyn manager will be. 

Hall of Fame talk is heating up big time. SBNation's Astro blog, Crawfish Boxes, presents their strongest case for Jeff Bagwell in two posts. Post one here. Post two here. Bagwell, for his part, is tired of all the steroid accusations.

Joe Posnanski reaches the eight definites stage of his Hall of Fame week. 

There is a story behind the Jack Morris as the best pitcher of the 80s meme. And here it is.

Minnesota Twin great Harmon Killebrew has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer.

The Angels have become the favorites to land third baseman Adrian Beltre.

Tim Dierkes estimates that the Phillies starting rotation will be in place for at least another two years.

And, finally, Beerleaguer is afraid that Ryan Howard is in the start of a major decline.