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Amazin' Avenue Says Farewell To 2010

The Mets' 2010 was frighteningly similar to 2009 -- injuries to star players, scrubs accumulating way too much playing time and organizational ineptitude from top to bottom. That is until late October 2010, when the Sandy Alderson regime took power in Flushing. For two months, Met fans had reason for optimism. The denizens of Amazin' Avenue were particularly pleased with the hire, as it represented a "180" from the Omar Minaya days. Alderson's approach is similar to ours. A GM who doesn't proudly disparage advanced statistics? And was an innovator in progressive front office philosophy? Awesome.

Naturally, Amazin' Avenue went the route of tongue-in-cheek self deprecation. Channeling Rays Geek, the site was renamed Alderson Avenue, with our Alderson Overlord's face gracing the logo. Most got the joke. Others didn't, and that's okay. If a person can't appreciate Alderson Avenue, then they probably don't appreciate Amazin' Avenue.

The site grew once again this year, in both quantity and quality. The Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010 was released in March and we are still amazed at how awesome it turned out. Thousands downloaded or bought the labor of love. We are currently ranked #1,464,716 on the Amazon bestsellers list. And I'm not exactly sure what to make of this:


Eno Sarris, Rob Castellano, Matthew Callan and Chris McShane joined the front page writing staff, with each bringing a unique voice to the community. Eric Simon, Alex Nelson, Joe Budd, Sam Page, Mark Himmelstein and I continued to take it one day at a time at the grittiest Mets blog around. Readers spend 3+ minutes at AA when they visit, a testament to the quality of the front page work, FanPosts, FanShots and comments. People are sticking around to read and contribute their own insights.

Despite mounting worries of a Sam Page contract holdout, the best is yet to come for Amazin' Avenue. Thank you to all those who stopped by in 2010. To say farewell, here are some of my favorite front page posts from the past year.