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Long Live 2011 Applesauce - Budweiser and MLB make up, Mets likely quiet in 2011 free agency, Little League nixes composite bats

Around MLB

Through the tireless efforts of incredibly highly paid lawyers, we have been brought back from the brink of disaster. Baseball and Budweiser are back together for another season. If those two kids hadn't made it, I don't know how anyone would have had hope for their own relationships.

Toby Hyde weighs in amidst his Utah skiing on the Hu deal, giving it high marks.

Mack gives us the year in Aderlin Rodriguez news. I'm pretty excited about that guy.

Even though the Mets are gaining significant financial flexibility next year, don't expect them to make big free agent splashes in a weak market.

Some more good stuff on the Hall of Fame debates. Jeff Pearlman lobs the sanctimony grenade at Jeff Bagwell, saying that even if he didn't do steroids, he was complicit in their rise. Dave Studeman's response is perfect: let's ban all sportswriters from Hall voting because they were even more complicit in the steroid crap.

Even without advanced statistics, Burt Blyleven has a really strong Hall of Fame argument

Phillies Nation has a neat post up on how some of their team's prospects earn cash during the offseason.

Why has Nick Markakis's star fallen these past few years?

And, finally, the powers that be in Little League baseball have banned composite baseball bats in the game. Good news for everyone except by the rich kids whose parents just bought them a $400 baseball bat for the holidays.