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Alderson's Jokes Applesauce - Nationals make splash, Mets laugh, Padres move Gonzalez

Meet the Mets

This offseason's winter meetings is promising to be a snooze for the Mets and their fans in terms of player acquisition but not necessarily in the realm of commentary, with Sandy Alderson quipping on the Nationals' absurd contract deal with Jayson Werth. But, seriously, at this stage, the inactivity and the purging is surely the best way to go with this roster, even if it feels strange to have the Washington Nationals making the biggest free agent signing of the year.

The disciplined and meticulous approach to the rebuilding processon display already by the Mets is Sandy Alderson's main strength.

Jenrry Mejia made his winter league debut over the weekend, throwing a scoreless inning for Licey. Meanwhile, Oliver Perez is back to being Oliver Perez.

Steve Popper argues that the Mets may have a need for Omar Minaya's dumpster diving abilities in the new regime.

Some cool interviews with significant players in the Met organization to pass along. Here are the translated highlights of a Wilmer Flores' interview with his winter league team PR department. Also, Dillon Gee spoke with Mack about his big league debut.

Mike Hessman has signed on to play in Japan.

And, finally, Angel Pagan takes SNY to Puerto Rico to show us some of his old haunts.

Around MLB

Some significant players were moved over the weekend. The strangest, by far, has to be Jayson Werth's new deal with the Washington Nationals. Bill Baer offers his take on the deal over at Crashburn Alley. If you think Werth is happy with this new contract, imagine how Carl Crawford feels.

The other major move from the weekend was Boston's on and off and on again acquisition of the Padres' Adrian Gonzalez. The Padres snagged three of Boston's top 10 prospects and should be able to bolster the farm system even more with the imminent trade of Heath Bell. Take solace San Diego, at least you're getting Aaron Harang...

Oh yeah, and Derek Jeter has agreed to an extension with the Yankees.

Good times on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia when Chase Utley and Ryan Howard make cameos and help break up a fight with Met fans.

The Adrian Beltre-to-Oakland thing appears to have fallen through.

And, finally, Josh Willingham will likely be moved by Washington.