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Humble Pie Applesauce - Mets look at Moises for coaching job, Dickie Scott new field coordinator, Beltran is wanted

Having feasted on a huge slice of humble pie last night, I'll turn to baseball to ease my pain. It's times like these where I sort of wish I was a Yankee fan so as to enjoy something like a Cliff Lee signing. Instead, I can speculate on whether Boof Bonser or Taylor Tankersley are worth Major League contracts. In reality, though, I am very much of a similar mindset as Howard Megdal who is pleased with the pace and approach of the Met front office. It's just that a 42 point loss makes me anxious for any type of good news. Oh wait, here's something: the Phillies are pursuing Jeff Francoeur. That warms my heart.

The Mets made some interesting coaching moves yesterday, hiring Dickie Scott as the team's new field coordinator, filling Terry Collins' old post and passing over in-house candidate Dave Jauss. Also, the Mets appear to be wooing Moises Alou for their first base coaching position. Alou had 106 stolen bases over his 17 year career.

David Lennon reports that there has been plenty of interest in Carlos Beltran during this year's winter meetings and that the team could score some prospects before the July trading deadline. John Harper says that Billy Beane is one of the potential suitors.

Mark Simon makes the case for Oliver Perez as a LOOGY.

The Mets have shown some inkling of interest in former Dodger catcher Russell Martin, but the price tag appears to be too high at this point.

Brian Mangan lists the guys he's interested in off the non-tendered folks.

Toby Hyde says that Adrian Gonzalez would've cost the team Mejia, Davis, Cesar Puello, a PTBNL and a huge contract had the Mets made a similar deal.

Around MLB

It's been a busy winter meeting so far this year. In case you've lost track, here's what has happened. Some scary stuff happening as well, as Jim Tracy collapsed at a Florida hotel during the meetings.

The Veterans Committee elected Pat Gillick to Baseball's Hall of Fame, spurning both George Steinbrenner and Marvin Miller.

Dayn Perry argues that Ron Santo's Hall of Fame case may be hurt by his position.

Brian Bannister may need a better agent, seeing as three teams thought he was retiring.

Paul Francis Sullivan suggests a bunch of untradeable contract trades.