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Role Playing Games Applesauce - Mets sign Paulino and Carrasco, Wilpons sued, HC candidates

Meet the Mets

The Mets were actually pretty busy yesterday, signing two guys and having discussions about moving their star center fielder who probably can't play center field anymore. You probably should pay attention to these two signings because they may be the biggest offseason moves for this team for the next two years. This is not a bad thing.

It's not a bad thing, particularly when the ownership's financial future is quite murky thanks to even more legal troubles from the Bernie Madoff scandal.

Anyway, there is still an opening where there used to be a hitting coach and it looks like the three finalists are Don Long, Dave Hudgens, and Andy Van Slyke. As far as the first base coach job goes, Adam Rubin shot down Moises Alou's candidacy.

The Mets have a serious weakness in their pitching depth. Expect them to go after guys like Freddy Garcia and Rule 5 draftees to help fill this gap for the short term.

In case you've lost track of the Met rumors floating around so far, Ted Berg is here to remind you.

Patrick Flood defends Fernando Martinez by comparing our attitude towards him for our attitude towards Cory Vaughn, who is also 21.

Toby Hyde talks to Ted Berg on SNY about the organization's new minor league philosophy.

And, finally, Cliff Floyd appears to be the victim of a group of shady New Jersey investors.

Around MLB

Derek Jeter may have re-upped with the Yankees, but he definitely did not play very nice during his press conference announcing the news.

The Phillies are looking at George Sherrill, Dennys Reyes, and Pedro Feliciano as pieces to add to their bullpen. They continue to show interest in Jeff Francoeur, who is a favorite of Charlie Manuel's.

The Nationals continue to be flashy, getting their name thrown in as competitors for both Cliff Lee and Zack Greinke.

JC Bradbury argues that Washington did not do too terribly with their Jayson Werth contract.

Justin Upton is no longer on the trading block.

Mark Prior is choosing between the Rangers and the Yankees.

Carlos Pena will get $10 million to spend one year in Wrigley Field.

And, finally, the perfect Hanukkah present for the statistically inclined.