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Boofed Applesauce - Mets sign Bonser, Beltran to Boston dead deal, Obie as bench coach

Meet the Mets

Just when you thought the news couldn't get any hotter than contract deals with Ronny Paulino and D.J. Carrasco, the Mets go out and sign the best name in baseball to a minor league deal. The biggest Met rumors from this set of winter meetings probably revolved around Carlos Beltran and the Red Sox. So, I'm guessing with Boston signing Carl Crawford that those rumors are now officially dead.

Not only won't the Red Sox make the deal for the Beltran now, but it's not even clear that it makes sense for the Mets to pursue any type of Beltran deal for the time being.

In terms of the Met coaching staff, it looks pretty set that Ken Oberkfell will get the bench coach position, a well deserved promotion for a guy who has been with the organization for so long. 

The Moises Alou first base coach thing was a possibility, apparently, but it was quashed by Alou who wants to remain in the Dominican.

Frank Viola will interview with the Cyclones to be their pitching coach.

The Mets are likely to lose Elvin Ramirez, a pitcher who was last clocked at 98 mph, as the first pick in today's Rule 5 draft. Toby Hyde says that this is one example of a talking point getting significantly over blown.

The mutual interest between the Mets and Chris Young continues and Hideki Okajima may be the answer for the Met LOOGY question.

Alderson's acquisition of Ronny Paulino provides a great right handed complement to Josh Thole.

Around MLB

So, yeah, Carl Crawford... 7 years, $142 million. It'll be interesting to see how his value plays in Fenway's left field. Never mind the defense for the moment, check out that projected Boston lineup.

The Marlins made a push for Zack Greinke, but fell far short. My guess: Dayton Moore was too busy signing Melky Cabrera and Jeff Francoeur to really pay much attention to any Greinke deal. That's right, the inevitable has happened. Francouer is now a Royal.

The NL East has two new left handed relievers with George Sherrill signing with the Braves and Dennys Reyes likely going to Philadelphia.

Mike Hampton is giving it another shot, signing a minor league deal with the Diamondbacks.

If you've got $3,000 and need a book to fill up space on your enormous coffee table, you should probably buy MLB's newest book of classic photography.

And, finally, sad news to pass along as Bob Feller is entering hospice care after complications from his treatment for leukemia.