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Mike Jacobs Applesauce - Mets bring back former farmhand, Pagan gets new deal, Dykstra is back at it

Meet the Mets

Mike Jacobs is back on a low risk deal with the Mets. Seems like a pretty harmless deal to me, but Brian at Fonzie Forever doesn't see the point. Metsradamus speculates on whether Daniel Murphy is out or if Buffalo is going to be amazing.

Now that the offseason is nearly complete, Ted Berg is actually quite pleased that the Mets didn't do anything to totally screw up their future.

Angel Pagan's 2010 salary is set: $1.5 million.

Omar is back in talks with Arizona regarding catcher Chris Snyder.

Around the NL East

Lenny Dykstra is desperately trying to make some money by doing what he apparently does best: giving really sketchy stock advice.

The Nationals look to be the leaders in the Chien-Ming Wang race. There is one report saying that they've already won.

Johnny Damon is still holding out for a two-year contract and considers Atlanta to be "at the top of his list."

Florida is showing interest in Carlos Delgado.

Around MLB

The New York Times' review of the new authorized Willie Mays biography is in and it's thoroughly OK.

Tom Verducci uses UZR to explain why some of the old veterans haven't gotten signed.

Royals Review has a really interesting post on Hal McRae's accusations of racism during the 1976 batting title race.

Two minor deals of note: Jacque Jones is back with the Twins and Scott Schoeneweis is going to Milwaukee.