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Junk Bond Applesauce - Citi Field financing woes, Endy back on radar, Mookie

Meet the Mets

Add another unpleasant story to the less than illustrious history of Citi Field. The bonds used to finance the stadium have now been classified as junk bonds.

The Mets are among the five teams who are showing interest in Endy.

For those of you who think Mike Jacobs can be a competent first baseman, here you go.

The Mets have cut $8,490,000 from payroll this year. That's actually the good news. Part of that is because Gary Sheffield isn't coming back.

Mookie Wilson was a good baserunner.

Chris Wilcox reminds everyone how bad the Mets have recently been at some key positions.

Carlos Delgado is talking retirement. Guess those contract offers haven't come rushing in.

Around MLB

Talking Chop asked Frank Wren to ignore Johnny Damon. That didn't work out so well.

Crashburn Alley has a depressing evaluation of the starting rotations in the NL East.

Rob Neyer warns everyone to be careful about exaggerating Willie Mays' awesomeness, mainly because it doesn't require exaggerating.

Brent Mayne takes back part of his pitch-tipping story. Again, I don't think there's a lot to make of this story, but I just like the honesty.