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3 Days Applesauce - Hernandez's potential bias, first base platoon, Met brand still valuable

Meet the Mets

Bob Raissman brings up the possibility of Keith Hernandez being biased in the booth about Daniel Murphy. Two things: First, this probably isn't going to happen as Hernandez has to be one of the most straight forward announcers in baseball. Second, who really cares even if he doesn't say anything.

Patrick Flood does several things well in this post about the Met first base platoon, including a wonderful Muppet picture.

The Mets are somehow the second most valuable brand in Major League Baseball.

Ted Berg plays around with the Met lineup and throws David Wright in the leadoff spot out as a debate topic.

Carlos Delgado will not respond to any offers at the moment and will probably sign mid-season with someone.

Peter Gammons presented a pretty fair and obvious defense of the Met farm system over the weekend.

Around the NL East

Otis Nixon is back with the Brave organization. Man, I dreaded seeing him come in as a pinch runner. It was so ridiculously annoying that the Braves could afford to have a designated base runner and still beat the Mets every year.

Chipper compares Jason Heyward to Fred McGriff.

The Marlins are forsaking Carlos Delgado and Russell Branyan in order to pursue Hank Blalock.

Around MLB

Tim Lincecum settled with the Giants on a two year contract extension avoiding a major arbitration showdown. The implications are mainly positive for the Giants. But why did the NL's best pitcher avoid the confrontation?

Some genius stuff from DRaysBay explaining why statistics complement our love of baseball so well.

As news of Frank Thomas' retirement settled over the blogosphere, there were some great looks back at his career. Rob Neyer here. Beyond the Box Score also. And South Side Sox.

And, finally, at least Pat Neshek has a great sense of humor.