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2 Days Applesauce - Oliver Perez projection, Wright's power outage, Met swagger

Meet the Mets

It's official, Rob Neyer thinks the first base platoon is a bad idea, so it probably is.

Brian at Fonzie Forever predicts that Oliver Perez will wind up being the Mets' #2 starter, but admits that projecting 2010 based on whatever it was that was 2009 is sketchy.

For more projections, Mets360 talked with Dan Szymborski, the creator of ZiPS.

B. Cooper at MetsMerized says the Mets need a swagger/leadership/grission. I'll take a competent first baseman, but I can't deny that 2005 and 2006 were incredibly fun years to watch Met baseball.

Dave Singer reminds everyone of some Met statistical leaders. Rey Ordonez makes an appearance on an offensive statistic, so there's that.

Eno Sarris doesn't think that Citi Field physically affected David Wright's home run rate, but perhaps psychologically.

Around MLB

Willy Taveras signed on with DC. Endy Chavez to Texas. Gary Matthews Jr. is still a Met.

The Padres are dropping the brown in their logo.

FYI, here are all the baseball players whose names slightly resemble presidents' names.

Joe Posnanski has some good stuff out there. Here are some of his early projections for this year with some good news for Met fans. Here is his take on Frank Thomas' Hall of Fame chances.

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, would MLB consider playing the 2015 All-Star Game in Cooperstown?

Detroit and Johnny Damon are close to a deal, finally.

Jair Jurrjens is having an MRI to check out a sore right shoulder.

Sig Mejdal, the stat guy for the Cards, sat down and answered some questions about how he runs his shop.

Lookout Landing explains to the unlearned masses what regression towards the mean means.