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Data Entry Help Needed For Amazin' Avenue Annual

We have an immediate need for someone to help with a bit of data entry (of baseball stats) for the Amazin' Avenue Annual. I'm guessing it'll be a few hours of work, and it will involve keying stats from a couple of sites into a spreadsheet. It's all on the up-and-up, as we've already cleared permission to use the stats with the caveat that we have to grab them ourselves.

We have no money and therefore can't afford to pay for this extremely valuable service, but you will receive an acknowledgment credit in the book and we'll also throw in a printed copy of the annual. A few requirements.

  • Must be available to enter the data immediately (i.e. within the next few days).
  • Must have some familiarity with advanced stats to at least have some idea of what you're looking at (especially for proofing the entered data).
  • Must be willing to do James's laundry on alternating weekends. Yes, even his skivvies.

So if you'd like to give something back to the AA community and not get paid in the process, shoot me a note at and we'll get it set up.