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Pitchers and Catchers Applesauce - Mets open camp, Wright's expectations, Escobar injured already

Meet the Mets

David Wright did his best Carlos Beltran impersonation yesterday, but even that was pretty non-objectionable. I would hope that they expect to win the World Series. Every player in the majors probably has that same delusion.

Remember when the Kelvim Escobar signing was a neat buy-low opportunity? Well, he can't grip a baseball right now.

The Mets' offer to Barajas is of the minor-league variety. Barajas is still close to accepting it. Dave Singer is less than impressed with the idea.

Patrick Flood breaks down the catching platoon situation with the potential addition of Barajas.

Cuban defector Yuniesky Maya hasn't signed with the Mets, but he is working out in Port St. Lucie right now.

Michael Baron sits down and talks with OhMurph.

JRSportsBrief took a video camera along for his blood donation at Citi Field and got two free tickets in the process.

Around the NL East

Some amazingly over the top stuff from Crashburn Alley to pass along. They are already picturing Roy Halladay's Hall of Fame induction as a Phillie. Oh, and the Mets don't have leadership because Jose claps and Johan high fives.

Good news for the Braves: Jair Jurrjens is alright. And likes Sea World.

Around MLB

Spring Training is upon us and we need something to keep us busy before exhibition baseball entertains us, so here's some Mad Libs.

I think we could have the same poll here about Omar Minaya as Royals Review has about Dayton Moore.

Kiko Calero is still not signed.

Walkoff Walk has a wonderful contest idea that will allow us fat bloggers to enjoy the fat baseball writers even more.

Eric Gagne was less than impressive in his audition for the Rockies.