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Santana's Confidence Applesauce - Mets have best pitcher in NL East, Spring Training broadcast schedule, Perez works out

Meet the Mets

Congratulations to Johan Santana on becoming the best pitcher in the division. Oh. Wait. That's just like your opinion, man. Again, the only purpose of asking this question was to give the writers a story to run with. I would hope he thinks he's the best pitcher in the division.

SNY has announced its Spring Training broadcast schedule. I can't wait to make my annual MLB.TV purchase to take advantage of this.

Speaking of Spring Training video, Adam Rubin shows us some Oliver Perez and Hisanori Takahashi workout footage.

Remember when we thought Bobby Parnell was good?

Well, at least Buffalo is going to be awesome. Maybe SNY should just televise those games.

Braves Blast has a pretty funny take on the Real Men of Genius ads. Here's the Met version. Now here's the Phillie. I can't argue with either.

Around MLB

DC starter Ross Detwiler is out 10-12 weeks after suffering a torn labrum in his hip.

Florida has added Mike MacDougal to its bullpen.

Here's another neat profile of Mo Vaughn and his post-baseball career. Craig Calcaterra is happy that he has found success off the diamond.

Eric Gagne has signed with the Dodger minor league system. That seems appropriate.

Rob Neyer, with nothing else to write about, writes about the managerial Mt. Rushmore.