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Forgone Physical Applesauce - Mets are putzes, Reyes improving, Bobby Valentine speculation

Meet the Mets

Maybe it wasn't the Met training staff after all that was the problem last year. Maybe it was the utterly incompetent Met front office. Either way, what player is going to want to come to the Mets after all this stuff?

On the heels of the Putz news, here's a story about Jose Reyes' successful rehab.

Maybe it's just time that we come to the realization that all that excitement in past years was misguided.

Now that the Mets are most likely finished adding to the roster, let's take a quick look and evaluate what we've got.

Patrick Flood provides a really nice comparison of Doc Gooden and Sandy Koufax.

Let the Bobby Valentine speculation begin once again.

Around MLB

Let's start with some baseball video game news. First, 2K Sports is offering $1,000,000 to the first player to successfully throw a perfect game in their latest edition. Second, does anyone remember how some old games just had weird player names?

The Simpsons ragged on Jose Canseco last Sunday.

Bob Gibson is not sanctimonious and I like that.

Byung-Hyun Kim is leaving retirement and joining the Giants.

New Stadium Insider sits down with the Yankee fan who canceled his season tickets over the offseason debacle.

Sunday Night Baseball voice Jon Miller is heading to Cooperstown.

The Rays once again have an amazing farm system. I'm pretty jealous.

And, finally, MLB is suing Upper Deck for printing trademarked material. I will have an opinion on this after I finish this semester's Property class.