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Rod Barajas Leaning Towards Mets

Last night we learned that the Mets have apparently offered free agent catcher Rod Barajas a Major-Leagye deal worth around $1 million. Jon Heyman now tweets that the Rangers have increased their offer to $1.5 million -- it's not clear whether it's likewise a big-league deal or if it's a split contract -- but Barajas is said to be favoring the Mets' overture.

With Henry Blanco already guaranteed a spot on the 25-man roster, Barajas's addition would push Omir Santos back to third -- at best -- on the depth chart, and will likely mean a trip to Triple-A Buffalo to begin the season.

As Sam pointed out the other day, Barajas is a little bit better than Santos in just about every way. He's not really good mind you, but if he's better than what they've already got, and if we assume the Mets aren't ready to give Josh Thole any regular playing time with the big club, then a Barajas signing is a net positive for the Mets.