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The Amazin' Avenue Annual 2010 Has A Cover

And it's awesome.

(click to embiggen)

The bulk of the credit for the cover design goes to Brad Lappin, who is the graphic design/layout genius responsible for helping to transform this crazy project from over-ambitious pipedream into something eerily reminiscent of an actual book. We spent much of the past twenty-four hours discussing various iterations of the cover, and Brad was endlessly patient through countless revisions and nitpicking from Alex and myself. We are also indebted to Michael Baron, who provided the amazing cover photo (as well as a number of other photos throughout the book).

The book drops on Monday, March 1st, which is just over seven short days away. The AAA will be available as a free PDF or in printed form for probably $5-10 (we'll know the exact price once the page count is set). We are also hoping to make the book available on the Kindle. Whatever the publisher (likely Amazon) charges to make the book is what you'll pay, so you'll be able to get this bad boy for as little as possible.