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Knuckleball Applesauce - Barajas signs with Mets, Santos not in plans, Dickey is sideshow

Meet the Mets

The Met catching situation was the main storyline for the Mets this past weekend as they finally came to terms with Rod Barajas. The general feeling is that Barajas is now the best catcher in camp, but that's not saying a whole lot. Bill Madden is reminded of the 1962 Mets. Ted Berg is still wondering why not Felipe Lopez as well.

The other catchers in camp are getting some attention as well. Omir Santos is less than thrilled that he went from big league starter to AAA backup. The fall from grace is because Henry Blanco seems to have a lock on the major league backup spot and Josh Thole is most likely going to continue raking in Buffalo. By the way, that Thole story has an amazing story about his fiancee who sounds like a real keeper.

Believe it or not, there are actually some R.A. Dickey stories out there as well. The knuckleballer is hoping to find a way onto the Met staff. In case you're curious, Adam Rubin has some video of the pitcher doing his thing.

The Mets are trying to make Oliver Perez hang out with Johan Santana to get some of the ace pitcher's work ethic. Doesn't sound like it's working too well at this early point.

Jerry thinks that Jenrry Mejia might make the squad as a bullpen arm

Kevin Burkhardt believes that Jonathan Niese is the clear front runner for the fifth starter's spot. Hooray minor league system.

Ryota Igarashi used to be Swallowsman. Unfortunately, he is hoping to tone down his act in his new country.

Patrick Flood imagines a team full of David Wrights and another team full of Alex Coras. Speaking of David Wright, he's ITBSOHL.

Fred Wilpon wants to keep the Mets in the family for a few more generations. Groan.

The Mets are hoping to void their claim of submariner Jay Marshall who has failed to report to camp due to an arm injury.

FYI, Met single game tickets go on sale March 7.

Around MLB

Nate McLouth couldn't see real well last year. I'll give McLouth some love though for taking the number 24 because of Jack Bauer.

After missing out on Johnny Damon, the Dipsy at Phillies Nation seems to think that Jermaine Dye would be a good fit for Philadelphia.

The Yankees have signed Chan Ho Park.

The Mayor of Rome announced that the city will build a baseball stadium intended for international competition.

Can't get enough of Ozzie Guillen? Good news, he's getting a reality show on MLB.

Billy Wagner used to send messages to Bobby Cox during the game. It would appear that Atlanta is Wagner's dream team.

I feel really bad for Dontrelle Willis. I shouldn't really though because the guy is going to have more money than I ever will, but still.