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Bay's Leadership Applesauce - Pagan is incumbent, Mets counting on Bay's presence, Mejia is 56th best

Meet the Mets

Some sanity coming from Met camp already as Angel Pagan seems to be leading GMJ for the center field spot.

Also some Jason Bay stuff as the new left fielder arrived in camp. All of a sudden we have a leader, unlike Carlos Delgado. I'm glad, but once again, this really seems like a race thing. I guess Canadians are just better leaders.

Speaking of leadership, Francoeur is encouraging David Wright to step up.

Joe Janish thinks that Sandy Koufax is understating the importance of a pitcher's delivery.

As a reminder, the Mets have signed more players from the Japanese leagues than any other team over the last decade.

If you want to see Omir Santos and Jose Reyes ground out and Oliver Perez strike out against the Cubs in virtual format, here you go.

Baseball America has compiled its top 100 prospects with Jennry Mejia topping the Met contingent at #56.

Around MLB

Jimmy Rollins disagrees with Santana's evaluation of the NL East's top pitcher.

Aaron Boone has retired and will join ESPN.

My all-time favorite National Brad Wilkerson has joined the Phillies as an NRI.

Brian Cashman has designated Curtis Granderson as the Yankee center fielder.

Interesting story on the Indians' Shin-Soo Choo's Korean army draft status.

Nyjer Morgan is promising an afro.