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Francoeur Optimism Applesauce - Green lowers arm angle, Mets still spinning Escobar news, Barajas ERA

Meet the Mets

I don't know if it'll translate into a successful season, but I'm excited to have Sean Green become Chad Bradford.

Blue Jays pitchers had a lower ERA when Rod Barajas was catching them last year. So what?

Jeff Francoeur predicts that he'll hit 27 home runs this year. That really seems like a random number to me. Dave Singer likes the optimism, but is still a little skeptical.

I missed Mike Francesa's interview with Willie Mays biographer James Hirsch, but it sounds like a winner.

Brian Mangan debunks the myth that Johan Santana is on the decline.

Craig Calcaterra isn't buying what the Mets are selling about Kelvim Escobar.

Around MLB

Livan Hernandez is sticking around with the Nationals.

Major League Baseball will begin HGH testing in the minor leagues.

Crashburn Alley argues for trading Ryan Howard, moving Utley to first, and re-signing Jayson Werth.

Somehow, I had missed this video of the Nutty Buddy.

Mark McGwire's brother Jay is contradicting some of Mark's steroid statements.

Rob Neyer talks Marvin Miller and Bill James Hall of Fame credentials.

Steve Phillips is being replaced by J.P. Ricciardi on ESPN.

The Rays are bringing in some talent to bolster ticket sales including ZZ Top, John Fogerty, and Nelly.