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The Amazin' Avenue Annual Has A Homepage

What's next, a blog?

You can check out the official launch site of the AAA 2010 at Right now it's just a banner.

When the PDF drops on Monday (hopefully), the e-book will be available exclusively through, and will be a free download. That site will also provide a link to the book on Amazon for those wishing to order a printed copy at cost.

Also, just to whet your appetites a bit, here is a sample of what the player stats will look like in our profile section.

All players on the 40-man roster, plus all non-roster invitees, are included in the player profile section. Each profile includes:

  • Commentary
  • Traditional stats (three years)
  • Advanced stats (three years)
  • 2010 CHONE projections
  • A couplet by Howard Megdal

The corollary to all of this is that regular posting on the site has been a little sparse this past week (except for Joe Budd, who is a superhero) as we've been cramming to finish the book. So thanks for your patience, and if anyone had ever considered writing something interesting in the FanPosts or FanShots now is the time to do it because there's a good chance that anything worthwhile will be bumped to the front page.