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Pink Eye Applesauce - K-Rod has eye issues, Mets may move Santos, Gooden as advisor

Meet the Mets

From the you've got to be kidding me department: Francisco Rodriguez has pink eye. Also of note from that article, however, is that the Mets have gone from doing an 80 curveball drill to a 40 curveball drill. Metsradamus thinks it's an inauspicious start for the Met training staff.

The Mets could be shedding one of their surplus catchers, particularly the one named Santos.

Alex Remington thinks the Mets could be a .500 team with healthy contributions from Reyes and Beltran. The problem is, according to Ted Berg, he's ignoring a healthy John Maine, Oliver Perez, Johan Santana, and the old David Wright.

The Mets want Doc Gooden to be a Spring Training advisor.

Toby Hyde is taking a front office job with the Savannah Sand Gnats. He will broadcast the team's home games and sell stuff. But, more importantly, he will continue writing for the blog.

Around MLB

The Marlins continue to look at Hank Blalock.

Some good stuff to feed my fascination with the Mariners. Sports Illustrated highlights Seattle's defensive fetish. The Mariners are also doing weight training without weights.

Carlos Silva is happy that his fatness is no longer being held against him by his team.

I sort of cringe when I think of Tom Seaver as a Brave.

Texas has voided Khalil Greene's contract after the shortstop failed to show up to Spring Training. Greene had two stints on the DL last year for social anxiety issues.

Beyond the Box Score checks out the WAR for all the MVPs since 1911.