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Val Applesauce - Pascucci returns to Met farm system, Aurilia wants in, F Mart wants CF

Meet the Mets

You know it's been a bad offseason when the Mets' best signing was bringing in Val Pascucci again. At least Ted Berg gets a chance to celebrate a little. Hey, even newly minted Met Hall of Famer Darryl Strawberry is disappointed with the team's blah effort. But, often, words aren't the best way to communicate feelings.

I'm really dreading the thought of Rich Aurilia getting a call up in the middle of the year.

Fernando Martinez is showing that there's a little bit of Lastings in him. There's no Billy Wagner anymore on the squad to show him his place.

Around the NL East

The Phillies are inviting Mike Schmidt and Mickey Morandini to Spring Training.

Some pure Philadelphia sportswriter genius.

Florida has signed Seth McClung. I really don't think there's a worse last name in baseball than McClung. They're also showing some interest in Russell Branyan.

The Nationals are not going to have a winning season after PECOTA has adjusted their predictions. They also projected the Mets down a spot.

Around MLB

Some interesting former Met news. Guillermo Mota has signed with San Francisco. Rick Peterson says that the most important number in baseball is 38.

Also from San Francisco, the Giants are unlikely to come to terms with Tim Lincecum before their arbitration date.

Willy Taveras has been DFA'd.