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Floyd is our Leader Applesauce - Mets lack leadership, Nieve as no. 5, bald Shinjo

Meet the Mets

You know it's a slow news day when the biggest news is Cliff Floyd's 30 minute interview with Mike Francesa. I would think the biggest question is who is the mole in the clubhouse? The second biggest story is that the new Topps baseball cards are out.

Wait, who am I kidding. Tsuyoshi Shinjo will always be the biggest story. Especially if he's now bald.

Fonzie Forever takes a look at the Mets' projected No. 5 starter Fernando Nieve. Maybe he's not such a horrible option after all.

Around MLB

Justin Verlander and the Tigers have agreed to a five year $80 million deal. Maybe Detroit isn't totally emptying the shelves.

And, finally, teams are no longer allowed to require players to donate to a team charity as part of their contracts.