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Multi-tasking Applesauce - Met front office in disarray, Figgy throws three hitter, Valentine works with Stamford FD

Meet the Mets

Once again, it's a pretty slow day for Met news. The most interesting story out there is Murray Chass's post on Omar's inability to multi-task this offseason. While I really despise anonymous sources, this does sound so stupid that it's probably true.

Nelson Figueroa threw a complete game three-hitter in the Dominican Republic.

Ted Berg has some great Val Pascucci video.

For those Mets fans with more high brow tastes, be sure to check out the Met poetry reading on Feb. 16.

Bobby Valentine will serve on a commission to improve Stamford's fire department. I hope for Stamford's sake that the solution will not involve Armando Benitez.

Teddy Dziuba sat down with Met prospect Shawn Bowman who was recently added to the Met 40 man roster.

Around the NL East

There is a really great Philadelphia joke in here somewhere, but I'm both too politically correct and not a good enough joke writer to make it.

Washington has signed Adam Kennedy, right after the O-Dog signed with Minnesota. That means, once again, the Mets are stuck with Luis Castillo.

Around MLB

Steve Phillips will sit down with Matt Lauer to talk about all that stuff.

Jarrod Washburn may not even play this year. Or ever again.

Think you'd do well on a baseball category in Jeopardy? Let's put that to a test.