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New Orleans Applesauce - Fernando takes home MVP honors, Takahashi rejection, Kielty pitches

If the Saints can win the Super Bowl, there is hope for all of us.

Meet the Mets

I'll start today's Applesauce with some Fernando Martinez news. The Mets top outfield prospect won the MVP award for the Caribbean Series as his Leones del Escogido squad finished with the league's top record (5-1). This can only help Martinez's prospect status. Also, while we're talking about Los Leones del Escogido, MLB caught up with their GM, Moises Alou.

Dave Singer throws some cold water on all the Val Pascucci enthusiasm.

Keith Hernandez will be Yoda to Daniel Murphy's Luke.

Japanese starting pitcher Hisanori Takahashi has turned down the Mets' offer.

Bobby Kielty hit like a pitcher in the minors, so now he's going to give that a go too.

Around MLB

Federal Baseball has some good Bryce Harper video. Expect this to continue until the guy is actually catching in DC. Maybe he'll be catching Shawn Estes at some point along the way.

The Good Phight points out how Amaro has upgraded the Phillies.

Buster Posey could pull a Craig Biggio.

Yorvit Torrealba tried to get the Mets involved in a bidding war, but they didn't bite because they didn't have the financial resources. It's pretty remarkable how those little moves come back to hurt.

Now for the former Met news and there's a fair amount of it. Alex Escobar (yes, the first version of Fernando Martinez) has signed a minor league deal with Colorado. Seattle has DFA'd Yusmeiro Petit. And, finally, Mike Piazza participated in this year's Faith Bowl