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Mookie Applesauce - Wilson back in Met organization, Melvin as well, lower Citi walls

Meet the Mets

In general, a good day for the Mets organization. Mookie Wilson is back. Bob Melvin is in as well. I can't see how either of these additions can be a bad thing. Metsradamus agrees, but goes the karma route in doing so.

More 1986 Met news: players from the World Series winning squad will play a little softball at Tradition Field this month.

The Mets have decided to lower the Citi Field center field wall by 8 feet. Not really sure if center field was the cause of the home run situation.

Does John Maine need to become more than just a thrower?

NY Sports Dog compiles a handy list of celebrities you should like.

Oliver Perez is on the list of pitchers who lost the most off their fastball last season. In case you're curious, here's the list of pitchers who gained the most.

Joe Janish looks back on the Ed Hearn for David Cone trade.

Around MLB

The White Sox are unretiring Luis Aparicio's No. 11 so that Omar Vizquel can use it. The move is done with Aparicio's blessing and approval.

Baltimore could be moving Ty Wigginton.

No matter what most Philadelphia fans thought, Cole Hamels was very much the same pitcher in 2009.

The Brewer organization is building a statue of Bud Selig outside Miller Park. Ewwwww...

Brent Mayne admits to giving a pitch away to his friend JT Snow that allowed him to get his first big league hit. I wonder if the sanctimony police are going to jump at this.

And, finally, a former Washington Times beat reporter is asking for donations to travel to Florida to cover the Nationals spring training.