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The Amazin' Avenue Annual Is Not Quite Ready

We crammed and crammed to get it done by 3/1, but we ultimately decided to take another couple of days to properly finish editing the Amazin' Avenue Annual. The book is done, content-wise, but the editing process is painstaking and tiresome, and even on the third and fourth passes through we're still finding things. Many of these—a missing serial comma, the inconsistent use of home run as one word versus two—would probably never strike most readers as issues. We figure if you're going to put as much time into this project as we have—hundreds of total hours—you should probably get it right. Even when we're finished there will doubtless still be a variety of copy errors, but you just do the best job you can.

So while the PDF won't be ready for public consumption just yet, its release is imminent. We've hedged our bets a bit by updating the banner at to indicate a March 2010 release, but rest assured that the book will be ready to roll sometime this week, barring a catastrophe. The printed version will follow shortly thereafter, likely next week, and will be available in regular and full-color versions. The former is far less expensive, the latter far more vibrant. The PDF will still be free, and since we won't be making money on any of the versions you can just go ahead and choose whichever flavor suits your needs.

Oh, and if anyone is taking photos in Port St. Lucie this week, drop me a line at because we still need pictures of a few lesser-known players (and Gary Matthews Jr.), so if you're at Mets camp and you've got a camera you just might get a photo credit in our book.

And because I think you deserve something for waiting so patiently for the AAA, we're going to give you the first page of Tim Marchman's foreword (which he absolutely killed, by the way) just so you'll have a taste of what's to come. Click here to download (PDF).