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Overactive Applesauce - Reyes and Mets disagree over diagnosis, shaky Santana, Davis down on depth chart

Meet the Mets

Leave it to the Mets to have this type of story involving Jose Reyes' overactive thyroid. The team says he's out indefinitely. Jose Reyes disagrees. Will someone please tell me how this stuff is still happening?

Johan made his debut yesterday, but wasn't exactly sharp, as the Astros beat up on the Mets 8-4. What you should know: David Wright and Ike Davis homered, GMJ picked up three hits, and Santana gave up four runs.

Francisco Rodriguez had the perfect comment in response to Goose Gossage and the New York Post had the perfect headline for it.

Jerry thinks that Jenrry Mejia has a better shot at making the ball club than Ike Davis. Groan.

The Mets kept their receipt and were able to return lefty Jay Marshall.

Around MLB

Some recent high profile debuts. Stephen Strasburg threw two scoreless innings. Aroldis Chapman reached 100 mph, which is kind of a big deal.

Also a big deal for the Twins: Joe Nathan has a bad arm problem.

Two old guys want to stay involved in the game. Omar Vizquel doesn't want to retire next year and Cal Ripken wants to manage.

Muhammad Ali hangs out with the Giants.