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Three-run Homer Single Applesauce - Braves walk off Mets, Carter continues to rake, Reyes alright

Meet the Mets

The Braves beat the Mets in 10 innings yesterday as Jesus Sucre hit a walkoff home run/single. What you should know: Chris Carter continues to make a strong push for Mike Jacobs' spot with another home run; Carter is now named the "Animal"; the Braves' celebration continues to show the double standard applied to the Mets' antics.

It looks like the Jose Reyes deal has died down, but Joe Posnanski raises a bunch of good points about what we've learned.

Patrick Flood makes an excellent point about Jenrry Mejia's inevitable call-up: it's purely so that Manuel and Minaya can keep their jobs.

Do you remember Jeff Duncan? That brings back some really bad memories.

The A's promptly released Jay Marshall.

Around MLB

Jerry Thornton created a little firestorm with this column which would not have even been published by my high school newspaper. Ted Berg does what Ted Berg does.

Another guy named Jerry, Jerry Brewer says that Jack Zduriencik's strength is in knowing people

More controversy: Torii Hunter calls Black Latinos "impostors."

Mike Schmidt on Letterman a long time ago.

John Sickels offers his advice on what to do with Stephen Strasburg and Aroldis Chapman.

Do home runs win games?

Oh man, do you think the Twins would want newly minted reliever Jenrry Mejia for Joe Mauer? They'd be idiotic if they did.