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Indefinite Applesauce - Reyes out at least two weeks, Mets turn to Tejada, Pelfrey shaky again

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Meet the Mets

The big news yesterday was obviously that Jose Reyes is out for at least two weeks and maybe even eight, but really, who can actually expect that Reyes will be back before 14 weeks? But, I'm so glad that Omar signed Alex Cora when he's likely going to turn to minor leaguer Ruben Tejada as a replacement. Here's what you should expect to go through in terms of grief. And here is Greg Prince's teeth gnashing.

Oh yeah, and there was baseball yesterday as the Red Sox thumped the Mets 8-2. What you should know: Mike Pelfrey is still struggling and Mike Jacobs and Jason Pridie homered back-to-back

R.J. Anderson weighs in on the Jenrry Mejia lunacy.

Mack presents a useful list of Met prospects you should probably have on your radar.

Patrick Flood follows up on yesterday's post, explaining why starters are more valuable than relievers.

Around MLB

If you want to feel a little bit better about life, here are the ways that the Phillies could take large steps back this year.

A crazy baseball fight in Cuba.

Baseball stadium models built of Legos. I pretty much had to pass this along, seeing as I am Lego David Wright.

Perennially underappreciated Brian Giles has retired after getting tired of dealing with his bum knees.

The Rockies and Todd Helton have agreed on a two-year extension.

Nomar got one day of grace from steroid accusations


If you haven't done so already, I won't judge you, but you probably should check out the Amazin' Avenue Annual. It's free and really, if you're reading this, I know you have the time to download and read it.