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Shoe Shining Applesauce - Mejia's path to the bigs inspired by Pedro's contract, F! making a case, Howard for Pujols?

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Meet the Mets

Fernando Martinez has done enough to convince John Harper that he's ready for the starting center field job at Citi. Or maybe it's that Angel Pagan doesn't impress Harper with his baseball instincts. Brian Mangan at Fonzie Forever thinks the Mets need to slow it down and make Martinez's progression priority #1

Speaking of baseball instincts, there's Alex Cora. Apparently he makes a lot of productive and non-productive outs. But, it's certainly going to be an interesting competition between Cora and Tejada this spring. Toby Hyde puts in his two cents. Mike Puma profiles Tejada

Brian Costa presents a great look at Jenrry Mejia's path to Port St. Lucie. Some indirect benefits from the Pedro signing. Jon Heyman says that Mejia has the best shot of all the Met prospects of breaking in with the big leagues this year.

Marty Noble is a good beat reporter, if only for posts like this

Ollie takes a positive step.

On the Black presents the 2010 Met season in 7 sections.

Around MLB

OK, so this one came out of nowhere. The Phillies discussed moving Ryan Howard to the Cardinals for Albert Pujols. No word on whether the Cardinals would bite, but why would they, really

Brent Mayne tells us why catchers actually spend effort in flattening the batters' box.

The Blue Jays have signed Cuban shortstop Adeiny Hechevarria. 4 years, $10 million.

Minnesota has re-signed Denard Span for five years, $16.5 million.


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