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Highlights From Brian Costa's Live Chat

Click here for the full replay. Some snippets with brief commentary:

  • On the new-and-improved clubhouse: "Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur have been tremendous additions from a clubhouse standpoint, so it has improved in that sense from where it was a year ago." -- Yay!
  • On the final rotation spot: "Niese, Nieve or Takahashi for the fifth spot. Maybe Figgy for the last spot in the bullpen, but they're not looking at him as a potential fifth starter right now." -- Niese and Figgy seem like the best options. Give Fig a chance.
  • In response to questions about who will be on the bench: "Tatis, Jacobs, Cora (when Reyes returns), Pagan (when Beltran returns), Matthews Jr., Blanco... I think that's everyone." -- No Chris Carter? Costa did address a question about Carter later on, writing "if he keeps hitting this way, he'll definitely earn strong consideration".
  • Opening Day bullpen prediction: "K-Rod, Igarashi, Parnell, Takahashi, Feliciano, Nieve, Green." -- Parnell and Nieve are the biggest question marks. The remaining five sound about right, with Kiko Calero something of a wild card right now.
  • On keeping a positive clubhouse atmosphere in perspective: "Francoeur is definitely a good clubhouse guy. I don't think "the right attitude" is more important than good seasons from Maine, Pelfrey and Perez, and the return of Reyes and Beltran, but it helps." -- Yep.
  • On John Maine's somewhat controversial comments after his recent poor outing: "People made too much of Maine's comment the other day. It's spring. Relax." -- Agreed.

Thank you to Brian for taking the time to field some questions today.