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St. Patrick's Day Applesauce - Yet no Daniel Murphy links, Mets look at Guzman, Strasburg as Seaver

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Meet the Mets

The Mets had an off-day at Port St. Lucie yesterday, but that didn't put a stop to the random news floating around. For one thing, the Mets might not be content at shortstop and are taking a look at the Nationals' Christian Guzman. It was either that or have Rafael Santana come in to teach Ike Davis shortstop.

Meanwhile, there is still confusion about where Fernando Martinez is going to play when the season starts.

Could the Met defense actually have driven Mike Pelfrey crazy?

Patrick Flood has some fun with the all-time Met leaders and argues that Darryl Strawberry is the greatest position player in Met history.

Hooray for smiles at Met camp.

Dave Doyle at Met Report defends the Met decision to prepare Jenrry Mejia for the 2010 bullpen.

Around MLB

What a weird offseason for John Smoltz. He isn't going to run for Congress. He isn't going to pitch for the Mets. He will join TBS as a broadcaster. And he won't announce his retirement.

Some good Stephen Strasburg stuff today. Is he Tom Seaver? Or is he Kerry Wood? Conveniently, the Nationals are managed by Jim Riggleman, the Cub manager when Wood threw 20 Ks in one game.

Be sure to vote for your favorite Phillie blog.

Sidney Ponson has signed with the Long Island Ducks.

Chuck Knoblauch has pled guilty to hitting his wife.

Oh, and enjoy a happy St. Patrick's Day with some Irish baseball stuff.