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Mets Pursuing Mike Lowell

Per John Perrotto:

The Mets also seem the most likely team to trade for Red Sox corner infielder Mike Lowell, with the idea of playing him at first base

The Chicago Tribute corroborates. Mike Lowell was linked to the Mets earlier in the offseason in a potential straight up trade for Luis Castillo. Said deal, however, might not be in the cards with Jose Reyes out for a indefinite period, Orlando Hudson signed, and Anderson Hernandez on the Indians. I would still offer Castillo and plan to use Tejada at 2B when Reyes returns, but the Mets rarely act as I would. 

Regardless of Castillo, Mike Lowell might be worth grabbing anyway. He could platoon with Daniel Murphy or start at firstbase, causing the Mets to release either Tatis, Catalanotto, or Jacobs. Assuming health, Lowell should be good for a ~.345 wOBA and plus defense at first. It is very debatable whether the difference between that and Murphy's projections outweigh the opportunity of giving young Daniel a chance to develop/establish himself, but this roster could use redundancy. And given his track-record, Lowell's upside is arguably even greater than Murphy's.