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John Franco Dead Lift Applesauce - Met first base problem, interest in Lowell, Mauer remains home

Meet the Mets

Some split squad action on Sunday with Ike Davis hitting a 9th inning bomb to center field to tie the game. Meanwhile, Nelson Figueroa took the mound against the University of Michigan and wondered what he has to do to get some respect.

Besides Ike, the Met first basemen have been rather underwhelming so far. Even so, Mike Jacobs continues to see action in the clean up spot.

After the House passed the health care bill, maybe the Mets will be covered for their acquisition of Mike Lowell. It is starting to look like they might not  need any further coverage for Kelvim Escobar though.

While it's not a position in the Met front office, Adam Rubin has got to be happy with his move to ESPN New York.

John Franco is awesome.

Josh Fogg is not.

Jeurys Familia may be awesome some day.

Davey Johnson talked with the New York Times about a lot of stuff. Johnson in a National uniform looks weird.

John Sickels takes a look back at Oliver Perez's time as a prospect.

Around MLB

Joe Mauer is staying in Minnesota and out of pinstripes. Mauer passes Mike Piazza for the biggest contract for a catcher. Aaron Gleeman compares Mauer's contract with some of the $100+ million flops, like Carlos Beltran's (???).

The Nationals have determined that Stephen Strasburg and Drew Storen will start the season at double-A.

Flip Flop Fly presents MLB homosexuality in graph form.

First the Dodgers demoted Eric Gagne, now they have granted his release.

Lynn Henning thinks that Dontrelle Willis will join Gagne on the free agent list.

Bud Selig has about 100 ideas for baseball realignment.