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Nationals 7, Mets 5: Chris Carter Deserves To Make The Team Over Mike Jacobs

Mike Pelfrey was the main story today. The big guy gave up four home runs, two each to Ryan Zimmerman and Josh Willingham. One of Zimmerman's was apparently wind-aided. At least they were hit by actual major league hitters. He walked just one in 4.2 innings of work, which I guess is the silver lining of an otherwise miserable start.

Jenrry Mejia, Ryota Igarashi and Bobby Parnell combined to pitch 3.1 innings, giving up one run despite allowing eight baserunners while striking no one out.

Henry "Hank White" Blanco smacked a pair of doubles off Jason Marquis, who has really struggled this spring. Chris Carter provided the only other performance of note, going 3-5 with a double, raising his spring training line to .444/.500/1.056. You really have to feel for the guy at this point. Yeah, he can't field all that well but he's just a flat-out crusher at the plate. This is the third preseason in a row in which he's put up a gaudy slash line. Yet all signs point to the apparently beloved Mike Jacobs, he of the career 0.6 WAR/600 and .756 spring training OPS, making the team over The Animal. It makes a person wonder -- if Jacobs didn't hit eleven homers in August/September for the Mets in 2005, and was just a regular jobbernowl off the scrap heap, would he even be close to consideration for a spot on the Opening Day roster? And now there's talk of him starting? Dayton Moore's Royals dropped him and now he might be starting for Omar Minaya's Mets. Good grief. Let's hope Ike Davis continues to improve.

The Mets play the Braves tomorrow at 1:10 PM. SNY will have the broadcast.

In lieu of WPA graph, I'll just relay the news that Wilson Valdez hit a walkoff homer off Phil Hughes to beat the Yankees today. For what it's worth, which is basically zilch, The Spill has a 1.206 OPS this spring.