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Four Homer Applesauce - Mets face questions about first base and rotation, Santos as insurance, Figueroa's value

Meet the Mets

Who knows what's going on with Mike Pelfrey, who gave up four home runs to the Nationals yesterday. Let's instead speculate on who is going to make the 25-man roster in a few weeks.

Jerry Manuel continues to say that first base is a battle between Daniel Murphy and Mike Jacobs, but people continue to question why Chris Carter is not being included. Metstradamus wants the Animal as well. Brian Mangan says that the Mets are probably making the right decision.

Marty Noble says that the Mets are likely to keep Santos around in Buffalo as insurance against a Barajas or Blanco injury. I don't think Santos could possibly replace the emotive range of Blanco's face.

Now to the pitching questions. Howard Megdal argues that Figgy is too valuable to lose to Japan

Toby Hyde brings Darryl's rap song to our attention.

Around MLB

Some interesting stuff that the Mets should pay attention to in regards to the fifth starter's role. Rob Neyer responds.

The Phillies are selling the turf from their World Series championship.

Lenny Harris is doing OK after quadruple bypass surgery.

The Yankee U makes some strong points about baseball writers and Twitter. And, of course, I must follow this up with Ken Rosenthal's tweet that Joe Beimel is close to a deal with Colorado.

Howard Megdal made some waves this weekend by arguing that anti-Semitism may have played a role in Hank Greenberg's chase of Babe Ruth's home run record. Dave Studeman doesn't buy it.

Angel Berroa is a free agent again. 

Aroldis Chapman's latest back injury may have put his place in the starting rotation in jeopardy.

Why do people think that Joe Mauer's deal is actually good for baseball?

And, finally, here's an update on the two winners of an Indian reality show currently playing in the Pittsburgh farm system.