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Reyes Returns Applesauce - Mets welcome back SS, Francoeur walks, Ike back to minors

Meet the Mets

Obviously, the biggest news of today, yesterday, and probably for the season is that Jose Reyes is back at Port St. Lucie and ready to play. Jerry Manuel responded to the news by backing off on the Reyes batting third talk.

Taking a close second is the Jenrry Mejia controversy. Toby Hyde thinks that maybe Mejia's potential bullpen assignment is related to Reyes' return to the lineup. Ted Berg wishes that Sean Green and the rest of the bullpen was making its case to do without Mejia.

Oh yeah, and they played baseball yesterday. Oliver Perez struggled, but can't blame the umpire for his suckitude. Jeff Francoeur made some waves yesterday too, walking twice and homering (even Marty Noble noticed the walks).

Francoeur is even having some fun. Brian Joura wonders why Francoeur gets a pass from the media while Daniel Murphy is getting flogged.

Murphy has one less competitor for the first base job, as Ike was sent down to the minors.

Jason Fry talks mancrush on Ron Swoboda.

Brian Costa continues to get some amazing features on Met players. This time on Chris "The Animal" Carter.

Around MLB

The Common Man provides some more evidence against Howard Megdal's Hank Greenberg feature.

Check out Ichiro doing his thing.

Morgan Ensberg's take on advanced statistics is a lot more interesting than the post's title suggests.

The Brewers have released Scott Schoeneweis.